Geomembrane sealing and impervious polymeric membranes based on polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. are. The benefits of the use of geomembrane reduce construction costs compared to other methods and speed up implementation. Baumann geomembrane sheets of different thickness and mechanical strength and flexibility factor variable for smooth and rough (ridged) and offered production.

Crystal polystyrene sheets that the brand is known in the market with amazing clarity replacing many transparent plastics is due to its affordable price ceilings and decorative applications in many industrial Dard.grvh Baumann in the color spectrum is very wide, and 64 plan and various ivory crystal plates will be supplied to the market.

PET and PETG sheets of polyethylene terephthalate are known by name. For single and multi-layer panels are produced with very specific applications. High brightness and excellent stability against chemical and environmental factors and excellent ductility performance polymers caused widespread in the construction industry, e-health and PET and PETG sheets are able to produce Boman industrial Ast.grvh sent in single pages and laminated for very specific applications.

Sheet and film, multi-layer (multi layer) have been widely used today. Baumann industrial group with the most advanced technology to produce multi-layer films with different properties of the sheet.

Sheets of compressed polystyrene (HIPS) which are known by the name of Impact on market strength and high impact resistance and excellent thermal resistance. The sheets are very high dimensional stability, flexibility and color printing is capable of remarkable. Boman Card Industry HIPS plate production capability in the form of ribbed and smooth coverage from both sides of the plate with a surface protection coating for these sheets is caused thermoforming capabilities.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene polymer (ABS) due to mechanical properties and high chemical resistance and processability and formability easy (such as vacuum forming and thermo-forming) has wide applications.

Plates of poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) in the name of Plexiglas sheets are sold in the market. Transparency and the ability to withstand high power, good mechanical properties to replace glass plates as well. The glass sheets compared with less ability to absorb moisture. Baumann sheet acrylic sheet production capabilities in the industry. This variable thicknesses and with different color shades.

Sheets polycarbonate (PC) sheet is one of the most robust on the market for single-walled and multi-walled who are available. The sheet is high resistance to chemicals. 250 times the impact resistance of the sheet glass with the thickness of the sheet Baumann Bashd.grvh manufacturing industries capable of producing single-walled polycarbonate sheets are of the highest quality in the near future as well as the company’s new generation of dual and multi-wall polycarbonate sheets will enter the market.