Polystyrene is a synthetic aromatic polymer which made from styrene monomer. Polystyrene is a hard,rigid transparent thermoplastic. Because of its low cost, good mouldability, low moisture absorption, good dimensional stability, good electric insulation properties, colorability  and reasonable chemical resistance it is widely used.

The PS Sheet offers solutions for many indoor applications. As a result of the extrusion process PS Sheet can offer, apart from the clear, the anti-reflex and the standard opal white versions, a variety of colours and designs, and it is much stronger than glass, which makes them an ideal choice for multitude of applications.

Both Polystyrene flat sheets and Polystyrene embossed sheets are manufactured by Booman in different color and design. The clear sheets are highly transparent. They are also economical and a popular choice for interior decorating purposes. PS sheets have good optical properties and a brilliant surface. The great adventages of PS sheets are their low price, low density (1.05), good chemical resistance and high rigidity. The transparent sheets are characterized by high degree of light transmission. Therefore, they are ideal for inside glazing, ceiling lights and frames. They can also be used in damp location such as bath or as shower screens due to its low water absorption tendency. You can find a wide range of patterns for this application in Booman.

Application  of Polystyrene Sheet:

Food and non-food packaging

Parts for household electrical goods

Consumer electronics

Household items


Bath and shower Screens & Cabins

Painting, poster and photo frames

Indoor Glazing



Lamps and ceiling lights

Sign & Advertising Boards

Door/Window Panels