Poly(methyl methacrylate) or PMMA is also known as acrylic.  The  major uses of acrylic arise from its high light transmission and good outdoor eathering properties. It is also a useful moulding material for applications where good appearance, reasonable toughness and rigidity are requirements which are considered to justify the extra cost of the polymer as compared with the large tonnage plastics.

Acrylic sheets have the transparency of glass at half the weight. Some of the key properties of Acrylic sheets are optical clarity (clearer than polycarbonate), weather resistance, UV stability (does not yellow), impact resistance (many times greater than glass) and dimensional stability (does not shrink). Because of the mentioned properties, these kind of sheets present many application in various areas such as architecture & construction, automotive and transportation, furniture & design and lighting. Some applications as the case are listed as follow:




Kitchen cupboard doors and splash backs



Sports stadiums

Film and TV sets


Concept furniture

Bedroom furniture

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