Booman industrial group is one of the speciality polymeric sheet company. Booman with over 30 years of experience plays  the prominent role in the plastic industries, which are related to polymer sheets. The great thing about Booman is that its equipments and machineries imported from German companies such as BREYER, KUHNE and KRAUSS MAFEEI. This eases the transfer of the unique and upgrating technology and has made Booman as unmatched competitor in plastic sheet marketing. 

Booman group is involved in the production of ABS, ABS+PMMA, HIPS, GPPS, PET, PET-G, PC, Acrylic sheets as well as geomembrane.

Hooman industrial group is subset of Booman group and specialized in the manufacturing of Aluminum Composite Sheet (ACP) since 2007. Hooman adopted the  technology and knowledge from Europe countries and America in its production. By using upgrating technologies, Polyglue adhesive and combined extrusion, manufactured ACP by Hooman has great strength and tolerance. ACP by Hooman comes in different designs and thickness according to customer’s need.